Through collaboration and consultation, we work not just to understand the needs and priorities of the communities we work with, but also to unite, empower, and inspire its members.

As community architects, our role is one of a facilitator – to guide, advise and enable communities to achieve the ultimate outcome and create facilities that are sustainable, unite people, enhance their lives, improve their well-being, and will meet their needs long into the future.

For 25+ years, this understanding and approach has enabled dozens of communities and organisations to create sporting, arts, recreation, entertainment and community facilities that shape and strengthen their community.


Our home is an expression of self. A sanctuary. A place that anchors us, where we connect, create memories, reflect, retreat and live.

It should enhance our experience or life. Strengthen our identity and connection with self and with others. Enhance our physical and emotional well-being. Bring ease and efficiency to our daily tasks and activities. And be a space we love… and love being in.

Your lifestyle, needs, aesthetics, aspirations, priorities and budget, alongside the surrounding environment and existing architectural forms, guide us in designing a sustainable and energy efficient home that is all of the above, and more, for you.


The success of commercial, industrial, mixed-use, or retail projects requires a deep understanding of not just the project’s functional, planning, practical and financial requirements, but the goals, aspirations and needs of the developers, investors, organisation or individual driving it.

While each project is unique, our work in the commercial space is guided by consultation and collaboration that allow us to intimately understand these factors and a considered and pragmatic approach to planning and design that enables each client to achieve their ultimate outcome.

Our architectural design pillars and human-centred approach ensure projects respond to the site’s social, cultural, and historical context, are flexible, adaptable, and fit for purpose, and positively impact the well-being of those who inhabit or frequent them.


As one of the few architectural practices in Australia specialising in modular architecture, we’ve helped many clients take advantage of the benefits of modular construction, in particular reduced time on site and flexibility, without compromising design or architecture.

Our expertise in the space and design led approach means that the architecture and aesthetic of our modular projects aren’t dictated by the functional requirements of the construction method but rather by the needs and vision of the project and feature the same level of considered and customised design as buildings constructed using traditional methods.

I’ve found the B2 team a pleasure to work with on large, complex projects - whether that be the redevelopment of existing facilities or creating exciting brand new learning spaces. The team are extremely knowledgeable, collaborative and forward thinking”.

Simon Haber Principal / Tarneit Senior College

B2 Architecture profile and portfolio

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