B2 Architecture is about one thing and one thing only – designing places and spaces that enhance the way we live, work and learn.

Better building starts
with better design

B2 clients have one thing in common – they want to work with a practice that is collaborative and client focussed. A practice that will challenge them to make the most of the project.

A practice that will ultimately allow them to create a place of space that is better for the community and that is built using processes and products that are better for the environment.

A practice that is about designing to build better.

Our Story

B2 architecture is a new practice, with a proud history. Building on the work of the highly regarded Baade Harbour Australia. B2 is a youthful, energetic and committed firm that is out to make the world a better place, by designing spaces and places that enhance the way we live, learn and work.

Our Work

Specialising in projects that span education, community, health, commercial, industrial and residential, our work takes many different forms – from new builds, to modular builds, upgrades, additions and complete refurbishments.

Because it takes a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to build better places, spaces and environments, our services include:


Working hand-in-hand with you and your community to intimately understand your project’s unique needs, we explore the possibilities and realise the projects potential.

Interior Design

Closely collaborating with you and the architecture team our Interior Designers work to create a seamless integration between the projects interior and exterior.

Project Management

Through comprehensive project management we ensure that the build of your project lives up to expectations, achieves all that you set out to achieve and more.

Our Approach

There are three key principles that guide the way we work and ensure that each of our projects is unique and individual, achieves the specific functional requirements and is embraced by stakeholders and the broader communities they serve.


We go beyond the brief to fully understand the project. To identify and understand the nuances. To share the vision.


As facilitators we’re collaborative by nature. We listen, we learn, we share ideas and consult widely and wisely.


We think creatively and challenge the status quo – but always adhere to the scope of the brief and budget.

Our Team

The B2 team is an energetic, progressive, youthful, but experienced group of architects, interior designers and project managers – who are out to create places and spaces that encourage us all to be better, think better, do better and live better.

Build better with B2

Discover how our collaborative and progressive approach to architecture and design will make your project better for your community and our environment.