The physical learning environment has a profound impact on the students’ learning experience. It also affects how students, staff and educators interact amongst themselves and with each other. As such, it’s important that the learning space is well designed to support the students’ academic performance and the educators’ teaching approach. Clever and informed design is also a factor in improving student well-being and generally helps in attracting and retaining qualified staff.

Westbreen Primary School places value on a shared learning journey. To further promote a highly effective learning community, Westbreen PS consulted with B2 Architecture for upgrades and modernisation of its facilities. B2 Architecture undertook this project with the aim of creating new, state-of-the-art learning facilities without compromising the school’s rich heritage.

The B2 Solution

After rounds of consultation and collaborative discussions with Westbreen PS stakeholders, B2 Architecture crafted an innovative solution for the school’s modernisation. B2’s design featured seamlessly connected indoor and outdoor spaces as well as a sustainable, passive design and acoustic principles. In order for the school to remain operational during the redevelopment and renovation, this project was completed segmentally in two stages.

For stage 1, the construction of Building B was completed to create the school’s new administration and staff facilities, six general purpose classrooms, a library and a centralised, multi-purpose collaborative learning space. For stage 2, the construction of multi-purpose Building C was achieved. This building hosts activity centres for Art, Science and STEM subjects, a canteen and various amenities.

The Westbreen PS community can utilise a flexible, functional learning environment that enables collaboration and critical review of teaching practices. With the new hexagonal-shaped teaching spaces, students are able to enjoy greater engagement during daily presentations, enriching their school experience. This layout, which features three walls for instruction instead of one, better facilitates the school’s socratic approach to teaching, encouraging critical and divergent thinking. This hexagonal layout of the new learning areas was a unique solution based on the school curriculum, pedagogy and the individual needs of each student and the wider community.

B2 Architecture was able to fast track and complete this project four months ahead of the initial contractual practical completion date. This was possible due to excellent and efficient communication and collaboration between all stakeholders and B2 Architecture.

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At B2 Architecture, we work collaboratively with our clients to design places and spaces that help us all think better, do better and live better. We take the time to understand the unique needs of the client we’re working with whether it’s for commercial, community, educational or residential projects, ensuring each project is unique and achieves the specific requirements of stakeholders and the broader community. With our approach to sustainable architecture and commitment to designing to build better, we ensure that sustainable initiatives are applied to all projects to minimize the impact on the environment no matter the budget

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