When it comes to those formative steps on an education journey, we all know how critical primary school learning environments can be. Naturally when it comes to having the right environment to foster a good education the facilities are as important as the staff and students. As a high performing school, South Yarra Primary School had a plan in place when it came to redeveloping the facility to help the school become an even better place to learn and teach for both students and staff..

B2 Architecture were consulted and engaged in the redevelopment of the school buildings and it was a project we undertook with diligence and pride. Our goals were to improve the usable space while also respecting the site’s history and significance.

The B2 Solution

Understandably given the school’s history, this project came with significant site constraints and heritage overlays, presenting a compelling design challenge. B2 Architecture capably handled these design challenges with a collaborative and consultative approach to create an effective and innovative solution.

B2 Architecture used modular design concepts to construct the new 3-storey building off-site and avoiding disruptions in the school’s regular operations. Existing facilities were also upgraded and refurbished to further enhance the learning experience and provide a more prominent entrance and focal point along Punt Road. Landscaping work was also completed along with the construction of an external deck to provide connectivity between the buildings and optimize external spaces.

Upon completion of the $6-million project, South Yarra Primary School students can now enjoy contemporary, flexible and functional facilities to enrich their education. Included in these facilities are the following:

  • new 3-storey learning centre with 12 classrooms and support spaces
  • internal and external activity spaces
  • reinstated library and multi-purpose space
  • larger external courtyard and passive play areas
  • upgraded administration offices and new entry
  • sustainable passive design and acoustic design principals

Initial planning for the project commenced in April 2019, and project delivery was completed within 10 months. This project was completed promptly while exceeding expectations required. As such the development was recently announced as the winner of the best school project between $5 million and $10 million at 2020 Victorian school design awards.

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