We all know how critical the schooling journey is in positively impacting the performance and development of students. That’s why the right space to support this is just as important as the quality level of teaching. Incorporating smart and flexible designs into the school architecture undeniably enhances the entire learning experience and fosters growth.

To create a learning space that supports various teaching styles and learning practices, Neerim District Secondary College consulted with B2 Architecture. 

The B2 Solution

The aim of the project was to create a hybrid learning environment that could support both traditional and contemporary teaching styles and enhance cooperative learning. Students are given an open, professional environment where they can have freedom and ease of movement to work on individual and group tasks. The new layout of the environment also gives teachers the ability to monitor the students as well as effectively facilitate healthy discussions. 

B2 Architecture used modular architecture principles to meet the design requirements.

Our team installed operable walls and sliding doors to create flexible and adaptable spaces that can be arranged into larger or smaller spaces. Each space was strategically positioned and connected to various breakout areas, encouraging different learning modes and allowing seamless transition between these two environments. To encourage collaboration between pupils, we also extensively incorporated glazing, enhancing lines of sight. The design includes new general purpose classrooms, home economics spaces, support spaces, including reading and meeting rooms, and centralised information learning where students can disperse from classrooms.

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At B2 Architecture, we work collaboratively with our clients to design places and spaces that help us all think better, do better and live better. We take the time to understand the unique needs of the client we’re working with whether it’s for commercial, community, educational or residential projects, ensuring each project is unique and achieves the specific requirements of stakeholders and the broader community. With our approach to sustainable architecture and commitment to designing to build better, we ensure that sustainable initiatives are applied to all projects to minimize the impact on the environment no matter the budget.

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