It’s imperative that a child’s learning environment is designed in a way that addresses the needs of its students, and in a way that enhances the educator’s teaching style. The physical learning environment is therefore critical in shaping the learning experience, and to obtain the most out of the students. Consulting with a registered architect to create an attractive and functional learning space can improve learning outcomes and allow the educational facility to increase the morale and well-being of students and staff alike.

In line with this, Lalor East Primary School consulted with B2 Architecture to design and create a flexible, ergonomic and collaborative learning environment for its students. 

The B2 Solution

In order to create and foster a versatile learning space for the community at Lalor East PS, the team at B2 Architecture collaborated with the primary school’s stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the task and the needs that are important to the community. The reasoning behind the creation of a flexible environment is so that educators can facilitate both individual and collaborative learning activities in a fun and innovative way. 

With a sustainable and innovative approach, the final B2 design incorporated modular architecture concepts that minimised the usual day-to-day operations of the school whilst construction was ongoing. 

B2 Architecture installed operable walls and sliding doors to allow spaces to be converted into larger or smaller spaces, depending on the learning activity. To help support various learning modes and typologies, the spaces were strategically positioned and connected to various breakout areas, creating a collaborative and convertible atmosphere. Similarly, glazing was incorporated to enhance lines of sight; this visual freedom will allow the teachers to better facilitate the learning experience. The project also included the creation of a general purpose space, as well as specialist classrooms, reading and meeting rooms and a centralised communal area. 

Natural light improves health and general mood, which is why it’s so important in essentially every type of learning and work environment. This is why the B2 team also included strategically designed windows to provide sufficient natural light for the students and staff at Lalor East PS. For north-facing windows, shading devices were installed for solar access during winter months. South-facing windows were placed above centralised teaching spaces so as to not compromise the light reaching the deeper areas of the building. 

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At B2 Architecture, we work collaboratively with our clients to design places and spaces that help us all think better, do better and live better. We take the time to understand the unique needs of the client we’re working with whether it’s for commercial, community, educational or residential projects, ensuring each project is unique and achieves the specific requirements of stakeholders and the broader community.  With our approach to sustainable architecture and commitment to designing to build better, we ensure that sustainable initiatives are applied to all projects to minimise the impact on the environment no matter the budget

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